Cal Manpower/Training Srategies

Cal Manpower/Training Srategies

A Unique Blend of Skills

It’s not just the companies we serve but also the staff we provide for them who appreciate pour uniqueness in the field 0f manpower services. Our attention to details brings client and staff back to us again and again. We don’t just do recruitment, we create relationships. The companies benefit from the excellence of their new recruits, and the individuals appreciate the chance to exercise their skills in a rewarding new context in the knowledge that support and dependent issues are being handled for them.

Industry Specialists

We pride ourselves on our ability to match people and positions, and our confidence that we can fulfill your needs is based on the fact that we’re one of the only manpower services companies to integrate oil and gas industry specialists into our recruitment efforts. Our teams have extensive personal experience of every aspect of oil and gas projects and operations and each CEL regional office can call upon three to four specialists in every discipline to support both direct and contract staffing exercises. Their involvement can range from advice for recruitment co-ordinator to the handling of technical assessment and interviews for major staffing campaigns. And they’re at your disposal.

Project, not Problems

It means that, once we’ve discussed your needs with you, you can concentrate on your own goals and leave us to supply the manpower to meet them. You trust us to handle everything from candidate selection to the minutiae of briefing, relocation support, visas, taxation, work permit and all the associated personal and administrative details. Whether we’re dealing with payroll benefits for local staff, transport and accommodation for overseas assignment or any combination of factors in between, you can be confident of
our full, fast, qualified support.

Direct experience staffing

One of the unique features of our service is that it’s fuller and more tailored than that available through other recruitment consultants. They tend to rely on client-sponsored advertising which obviously depends on quality candidate choosing to reply. Our stance is more proactive. We source all our candidates for individual positions through our own network and database and so can talk directly with them an encourage them to apply.

This extends into multiple positions and reduces the amount of client advertising needed. Integral to the recruitment campaigns are our industry specialists who not only provide objective assessment but also make candidates feel that they’re important to their new employer.

Our service is often tailored around the power of ‘’ which requires high volume, short turn around to be effective. And as a ‘preferred supplier’ we provide input into planning effective client recruitment campaigns and this includes conversion of staff from contract to direct.

Multiple Advertised Positions

When your needs are broader, our network and database are once again our starting point for the search and selection process.

That’s where we source up to 70% of candidate. Thereafter, with our specialist recruitment media partners, we analyze media and integrated internet strategy before moving on to the design of creative advertising copy to market your company and the employment opportunity in a way that attracts the most suitable candidates. Screening, telephone and face-to-face interviews, including scored assessments.

Then deliver a ranked and documented shortlist.

The result? Recommendation which focus exclusively on quality individuals and their scoring.

Campaign-Based Operations Recruitment

Wherever you are in the world, if your need is for full staffing of installations and facilities, our recruitment managers know the most effective route for you to take. It will include multiple advertising to cover different disciplines and geographic attraction area. Industry specialist assessment and telephone interviews can extend into regional interviews. Onsite skill-based assessment can be used to define individuals’ training need as well as create comprehensive development programmes.

The total service can be an integrated recruitment and training exercise
conducted over time to support commissioning, startup and all operational maintenance needs.

Contract staff from start to finish

With direct staffing supplying highly-skilled, experience individual for your organisation to form the core of your project or operation management team, we can then augment it with contract staff for the definition phase – first up to project sanction, then into project execution and finally production operations. We’ve built our reputation on contract staffing over the years. At any one time, we have a network database of thousands of candidates working on assignments, each one vetted highly qualified but potentially interested in discussing longer-term opportunities. They hold position in every phase of the full life cycle, on upstream, midstream and downstream project.

CAL has staffed contract for major operations all over the world, from early analysis through all phases of project execution, from
managers and specialists to office and site support staff, from one person to a team. Our experience is unsurpassed.

All Project Types Within:





Technical Assessment Services

In cases calling for high volume technical assessment processes on both the project and operations side, we have the resources and expertise to take the strain off your recruitment team. We use industry specialist to help streamline the process and assess the full range of candidate rigorously, efficiently, effectively, and in a shorter time frame.


Project Definition

For the earlier stages of a project, we can recommend experience project engineers with specialised skills for technical scope development or rationalisation as well as planning and cost engineers to produce full development plans and cost estimates, including risk analysis. As the project nears sanction, we provide contracts and procurement specialists to develop and refine the commercial strategy so that key contracts and purchase orders can be awarded at sanction.


Project Execution

Any resources and services assigned to a project before it’s been sanctioned can be retained and augmented once it moves into execution. Our specialised onsite discipline engineers, with technical and regional experience, will handle tasks such as design liaison, construction and commissioning and, as with all project everywhere, you’ll need specialists in the field of quality, health, safety and the environment. And, of course, both the home office and field office will need staff handling and document management, contract and procurement administration, and all the other skill required to keep a fast–track project efficient, and cost-effective.


Production Operations

The skill base extends further with the move into operational mode. More engineers are then needed to prepare and execute commissioning, startup and operations and, once oil and gas are flowing, you need the right personnel to optimize production and then handle the ongoing process of annual shutdowns and projects associated with product or sales changes.


Requirement span task-based consultancy on factor such as uptime, risk analysis and mitigation and operation strategies through to providing supervisors, operation and technicians for operational peaks.